Premium Dice Tower

Material: American Ash


Premium Hardwood Dice Tower

H 23cm x w 10cm

This lovley Premium Dice Tower is the creme' de la creme' when it comes to rolling your dice for that next critical hit. This will make the ideal gift for yourself or the game rin your family. Place the tower in the centre of your gaming table to share the rolls. No more searching underneath the sofa for lost dice. The tranquil sound of the dice rolling through this tower will set your mood and will enhance your gaming night.

The Dice Tower is made from solid hardwood and big enough to roll even the larger dice in your collection. The Tower is supplied as a stand alone Dice Tower and the Tray is NOT included but can be purchased separately. The front of the Dice tower can be engraved with a saying or image as a optional add-on.

These Dice Towers are not lasered or milled and are entirely handmade in my workshop. This allows me to use only the best quality hardwoods.

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